Why Are Kids being Bullying At School

Published November 3, 2013 by Pastor Lenora

Why Are Kids being Bullying At School

I had a conversation with my daughter the other day about my grandson that just turn nine years old and has a GPA average of 3.56 he is in the 3rd grade. And my grandson is very sweet, well mannered young boy. My daughter said his teachers adore him as well; but some of his classmates like to pick with him and just be mean to him . This really hurts his mom and myself when I hear that this is going on. When I heard about it. I did some research on kids being bullied in school. Warning Signs are usually children that have problems at home and abuse, some may be very ill from other health issues. When a child is being bullied, some of the signs are usually signs that may point to a bullying problem are: 1.Unexplainable injuries 2.Lost or destroyed clothing, books, electronics, or jewelry 3.Changes in eating habits, like suddenly skipping meals or binge eating. Kids may come home from school hungry because they did not eat lunch. 4. Difficulty sleeping or frequent nightmares 5.Declining grades, loss of interest in schoolwork, or not wanting to go to school. 6.Sudden loss of friends or avoidance of social situations 7.Feelings of helplessness or decreased self esteem 8.Self-destructive behaviors such as running away from home, harming themselves, or talking about suicide these are Signs a Child is Being Bullied.

However, be aware that not all children who are bullied exhibit warning signs: Kids that are doing the bullying to others will typically: 1.Get into physical or verbal fights 2.Have friends who bully others 3.Are increasingly aggressive 4.Have unexplained extra money or new belongings

5,Blame others for their problems, 6.Don’t accept responsibility for their actions. 7.Are competitive and worry about their reputation or popularity.

These type of children do not understand the meaning of being loved by others, and sometimes these kids may be very well be spoiled kids, and just used to having their on way.


The Story of Joseph in the bible: Genesis 37/ bullying was told in the beginning of the old testament.

Joseph’s the son of Jacob and because Joseph was one of the youngest sons, his father spent more time with him, and he became very special to him. So Jacob had a special robe made for Joseph. (They didn’t have jackets back then, so this was a very special jacket). It was very beautiful and had every color you could imagine in it All of Joseph’s older brothers saw this and they got very jealous. The word jealous means that Joseph’s brothers disliked him because they thought his father liked him more, and because he got the special coat. They got so jealous they couldn’t even say a kind word to him.

One day Joseph had a dream, and he went to go tell his brothers. He said, “Guess what? Last night I had a strange dream. We were tying up bunches of grain out in the field when suddenly my bunch stood up, while all of yours gathered around and bowed to me.” The brothers looked at each other in disgust, but Joseph continued. “Then I had another dream that the sun, moon, heaven, and stars bowed down to me.”

“Who do you think you are?” The brothers said. “Do you think that you are better than all of us? Do you think that we would ever bow down to you?” This made the brothers dislike Joseph even more.

So, in conclusion I am trying to illustrate that people have been taking advantage of the weaker ones since the beginning of time AND IT NEEDS TO STOP NOW!

We’ve as pastors, teachers, community leaders must come together and help put a stop to this and save our children. I am looking for supporters, volunteers, and partners to join me in my program.


Please contact me by e-mail at : thevisioninyou@gmail.com or call 404-585-0984


Pastor, Lenora Peterson

New Twitter “Tweet Button” (via WordPress.com News)

Published September 11, 2010 by Pastor Lenora

New Twitter “Tweet Button” For those of you who have been dreaming of an easier way for your readers to share your posts on Twitter, that day has come. We're pleased to announce that we've added an official Tweet Button as an option for all WordPress.com blogs. How it works: When one of your readers hits the Tweet Button, they will be shown a popup that includes a shortened link to your post. Readers can add in a quick message, and then hit "Tweet" to send the post to thei … Read More

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WOG Forever Ministry/ Receive the Holy Spirit

Published August 26, 2010 by Pastor Lenora

WOG Forever Ministry.

Receive the Holy SpiritAs His child, your loving heavenly Father wants to give you the supernatural power you need to live this new life.

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened… If ye…know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?
LUKE 11:10,13

All you have to do is ask, believe, and receive! Pray, Father, I recognize my need for Your power to live this new life. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit. By faith, I receive Him right now! Thank You for baptizing me. Holy Spirit, You are welcome in my life.

Congratulations! Now you’re filled with God’s supernatural power. Some syllables from a language you don’t recognize will rise up from your heart to your mouth. (See 1 Cor. 14:14.) As you speak them out loud by faith, you’re releasing God’s power from within and building yourself up in the Spirit. (See v. 4.) You can do this whenever and wherever you like.

It doesn’t really matter whether you felt anything or not when you prayed to receive the Lord and His Spirit. If you believed in your heart that you received, then God’s Word promises you did. “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them” (Mark 11:24). God always honors His Word; believe it!

Biblical Principles to Move you from where you are to where you want to be

Published August 17, 2010 by Pastor Lenora

Biblical Principles to Move you from where you are to where you want to be

1. Wisdom- The Only Problem You Will Ever have is a Wisdom Problem.
a. Wisdom is the master key to all the treasures of life. 2 Chronicles 1:11,12
b. The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Proverbs 9:10/ Ps. 111:10/Job 28:28
c. Wisdom is more powerful than weapons of war. Ecclesiastes 9:18/Is. 33:6/Prov. 12:6
d. Right Relationships increase your wisdom. Proverbs 13:20/ I Cor. 15:33/I Tim. 6:5
e. Wisdom is better than jewels or money. Proverbs 8:12/ Prov. 3:13-15/Job 28:18/Prov. 16:16
f. The wise welcome correction. Proverbs 9:8,9/ Prov. 15:31,32/Prov. 3:11,12
g. Wisdom creates currents of favor and recognition. Proverbs 4:8, Proverbs 8:34,35/Prov. 3:1,4
h. Wisdom guarantees promotion. Proverbs 8:15/ Ezra 7:25
i. When you increase your wisdom you will increase your wealth. Prov. 8, 21/Prov. 3:16/Ps. 112:1,3/ Prov. 14:24
j. Wisdom makes your enemies helpless against you. Luke 21:15/Prov. 16:7/Ecclesiastes 7:12/Prov. 2:6,12,16
k. Wisdom can be imparted by laying on of hands. 2 Tim. 1:6,14/Deut. 34:9/Acts 6:6,8,10
l. The word of God is your source of wisdom. Deut. 4:5-6/Ps. 119:98-100/Prov. 2:6/
m. Wisdom Nuggets:
i. The Problem that Infuriates You the Most is the Problem God has assigned you to solve.
ii. What you are willing to walk away from Determines What God will bring to you.
iii. The Secret of Your Future is hidden in your Daily Routine.
iv. Never complain about what you permit.
2. Discipline- The Key to Victory, Power & Reward in Every Part of Your Life is Personal Discipline.
a. Discipline Your Conversation: Speak always in positive terms, from a position of faith and awareness of what God wants from you.
b. Discipline Your Reading Habits. Psalm 37:21
c. Discipline Your Prayer Life. Stay in constant, personal, contact with God. Be sure you are on speaking terms with Him. Develop and cultivate an up to date prayer list.
d. Discipline Your Friendships. Refuse to associate with people who pull you down. Choose friends who will be the kind of associates you’d like to spend your whole life with.
e. Discipline Yourself with regard to the music you listen to, the television programs you watch and the entertainment you choose.
f. Discipline Your Church Attendance. Develop inner strength by exposing yourself often to the atmosphere of a spiritual church service. Honor the spiritual mentors God places in your life.
g. Discipline Nugget:
i. Discipline is the First Step to Uncommon Success.

3. Assignment- You are here for a Reason.
a. Everything Created Contains an Instruction, An Assignment to Solve a Specific Problem.
b. Your Assignment is Not Decided by you but Discovered by you. Jeremiah 1:4-8
c. Your Assignment is something you Alone Must Discern & Discover. Romans 14:12
d. Nobody Else Knows Your Assignment. Job 33:4/Psalm 139:14-16
e. Your Assignment is Gods Total Focus. Psalm 139:3
i. God Carefully Examines Every Word You Speak Daily. Psalm 139:4
f. The Holy Spirit decides Your Assignment. Psalm 139:5/Ps. 16:8,11/Acts 8:26/Acts 13:1-6
g. The Holy Spirit is your Constant Advisor for Your Assignment. Psalm 139:7-10
h. It is your own Responsibility to Identify Your Assignment. Romans 14:12
i. The Word of God is the Blueprint for your Assignment & must become Your Daily Focus. Ps.119:65
j. Assignment Nugget:
i. You Are on Earth to Solve Problem: That’s why it’s called “The Assignment.”
4. Mentors- Mentors are Trusted Teachers. They are the difference between poverty and prosperity, decrease and increase, lose and gain, pain and pleasure, deterioration and restoration.
a. A mentor is the Master Key to the Success of a Protégé. Prov. 4:7
b. A mentor Guarantees your Promotion. Prov. 4:8-9
c. A mentor can determine Your Wealth. Prov. 8:18
d. A mentor can paralyze Your Enemies. Luke 21:15
e. A mentor can cause Influential People to Listen to You. Deut. 34:9
f. A mentor will require Your Pursuit.
g. A mentor is more interested in Your Success than your Affection.
h. A mentor is not necessarily Your Best Friend.
i. A mentor Sees Things you cannot see.
j. A mentor will become an enemy to the enemies of his or her protégé. Luke 22:31-32
k. An uncommon mentor can create an uncommon protégé.
l. Mentor Nuggets:
i. Recognition of An Uncommon Mentor Will Prevent a Thousand Heartaches.
5. Goal-Setting- The Proof of Your Desire is in Your Pursuit.
a. 4 Reasons Some Never Set Goals
i. Some Have not Tasted the Joy that Goal-Setting Produces
ii. Some Have not been taught the write Goals Down with Clarity.
iii. Some are afraid of Possible Failure.
iv. Some Fail to set Goals Because Memories of Previous Failures Intimidate Them.
b. Goal Setting Nuggets:
i. You Must Decide For Yourself What You Really Want out of Life.
ii. Get Alone with God & His Word.
iii. Write down on a Sheet of Paper every single Dream, Goal & Desire that is presently important to you.
iv. Choose the Top Three Goals out of that List.
v. Be Alert to the people God will send into your life to help you fulfill His purpose, and be responsive to obey God when He Directs Talents to Help fulfill the Dreams of Others.
vi. Taking Time to determine and set your true goals can prevent a wasted lifetime.
6. Time Management- One Minute Can Make a Difference
a. View Time as the Currency of Earth for Success.
b. Study the Success Habits of Achievers.
c. Cultivate a Total Focus on Your Assignment
d. Keep a Calendar or Day Planner with you at all times.
e. Stay aware of each hour as it occurs.
f. Review the appointments and plans of each day continually.
g. Read Continuously.
h. Ask questions that control the focus of every conversation.
i. Enter into conversations for the purpose of advancing toward your assignment
j. Disconnect from people who do not appreciate your time.
k. View time as a wonderful tool God has given you to build your dreams, goals & assignment.

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